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  • Ancient News
    Announcements, contests, conference information, and other general news. Messages go out about once a month, and fluctuate with the seasons. All lists will receive these messages.
  • Deal of the Day
    Every weekday, we're offering one book at a substantial discount the best price we can give.
  • New and Noteworthy
    New books as they become available. About one e-mail per week.
  • Sales and Specials
    Announcements of sales and special offers. About one e-mail every 10 days.
  • Rebuilding Alexandria
    A list for libraries and booksellers. A message every 2-3 weeks (more during the busy season) with new titles and all the info a bookseller or librarian will want to know.
  • Journal Alerts
    Receive an alert when any of our five journals (BBR, JTI, JSPL, JSCS, JJMJS) are released, including the table of contents for each issue.


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